Welcome to our Active Advent calendar, make sure to come back to see tomorrow's door to see what our Elf on the shelf, Active Alfie does next!

Active Advent is back...

Active Advent is back again,
and this year we have a friend,
Active Alfie! Keep up to date
with our advent calendar to see what Alfie does next!

Why not try Human Hungry Hippos?


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Egg & Spoon race anyone?

Alfie got ahead of himself on the Egg & Spoon race… The key to doing well in a egg and spoon race is to keep a smooth and steady pace. Don’t go too fast or you’ll end up like Alfie!


Hole in one!

Anyone for golf? Alfie has managed to create his own golf course under the Christmas tree. Why not use our Tri-Golf and try make your own?


Candy cane climb

The Crazy catch net can be used for many sports but Alfie's using the Crazy catch net to climb. We've never seen this before it's normally used to practice throwing and catching!


Elf Yoga…

Alfie starts every morning by using our Rise and Shine yoga board. Yoga offers a mind, body and soul workout, and with the stress of Christmas around the corner, why not see the benefits for yourself?


Snow much fun!

Alfie has made his own Winter Wonderland sledging game with New Age Kurling stones, the penguins love it too.


Help me!

Alfie has got himself stuck inside a water bottle! He needs some help getting out…


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Snow is falling…

Uh-oh…Elf has got hold of our Gymnastics chalk!


Jumping with joy

Alfie is jumping with excitement, he can't believe there's just 13 more days left of advent


Time for twister…

Christmas is coming and it's the perfect time to get the favourite board games out! Alfie loves playing twister with his friends.


Ready, set, go!

Active Alfie and his penguin friends are having a sack race, who do you think will win?

Santa Sack Relay

Looking for Christmas PE acitivities inspiration? Why not try Santa Sack Relay



Alfie's found himself in trouble again...


Sundays are made for rest…

It's important to allow your body to rest from physical activity, giving your muscles a chance to repair and get ready to be active again!


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Alfie's pushing his luck

Looks like Alfie has got hold of the tennis balls…


Time for target practice

There's only 6 days left of advent, send us your Elf on the shelf pictures on social media using #ActiveAdvent

Reindeer Race Course

Take turns to gallop over the hurdles and tip toe through the hoops...On your marks! Set, SNOW!


Jingle bells

Alfie has been working on his ELF and fitness. During this festive season, dont forget to make sure your still getting in your active minutes. Elf loves to use Kettlebells, what fitness equipment do you like to use?


Watch out!

Doesn't look like Alfie's got the hang of tennis yet


Train like a ninja!

Swing and climb like a ninja using our Slackers ninja line! Looks like our Elf is using it to get to the presents!


Elf Athletics…

Active Alfie has been practicing his balancing skills, how long can you balance on one leg for?


Do you want to build a snow man?

You don't always need snow to build a snowman! Our Elf has made his own using Table Tennis balls

Do You Want to Build Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Using PE equipment, can you build a snowman?


Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve and Alfie can't stop dancing, he's so excited he's got himself in a twist. We hope you've enjoyed Active Advent…