How Can Your Secondary School Inspire Young People to Stay Active After School?

How can your Secondary school inspire young people to stay active after school?

In recent years with the advances of modern technology young people have somewhere along the way lost interest in the love for the outdoors. We understand that engaging young people in activity can be a struggle, so we have created a Weekly Activity planner to help you and your pupils get active.

You’re in a unique position where you can help inspire your pupils to reclaim the fun of the great outdoors again. Achieving the 60 minutes of activity is important within and outside of school hours, so we have put together a few great ideas that you can share through PTA, to parents or carers.

Making the Most of your local park

Being active and having fun doesn’t have to break the bank. Playing in the garden or visiting the local park can be a day packed with adventure, a great day out for the whole family.

Walking a dog, meeting up with friends or even having a kick about, all allow young people to have fun whilst engaging in activity. Why not encourage young people to go stargazing or Nordic Walking. The National Trust offers activities for all ages nationwide.

Getting the most out of your local park is as simple as a click of a button. Many free classes are run daily in thousands of parks nationwide – From Tai Chi to Buggy Bootcamp. There are lots of different activities to engage in for the whole family to enjoy. Why not find out what activities are taking place in the local Park?

There are hundreds of different Park Runs every week nationwide which are growing increasingly popular. Why not encourage young people to get active in the 2k Junior Park Run from ages 4-14 every Sunday? There is also the adult 5k park run which is available to people aged 14+ every Saturday. Park Runs are free and you only have to sign up once, there are currently 1.4 million runners of all ages and abilities across the country.

Join a Sports club

Has your school got a number of local club links? Do they provide sports coaching or opportunities to compete? If so these are fantastic ways young people can get involved in out of school activity. Being part of a team can be very rewarding and is a great way to form new friendships with people who also share the same passion for a sport you love. Many Charter Standard and Club Mark clubs provide high quality coaching and offer great opportunities for young people to take part in structured activity out of school, with the added bonus parents can rest assured their children are safe whilst at the club.

Join a local Gym

Going to a gym can benefit young people in many ways as it gives them the freedom and independence to choose their preferred workout. Gyms are becoming increasingly modern and significantly cheaper. Memberships can start from as little as £12.99 a month and some gyms are even open 24 hours a day, making it more accessible than ever. Gyms are a great way of keeping physically active and socialising with friends and most gyms offer structured classes as part of your membership and Yoga and Spin classes are just a few to name.

Keeping it Fun

There are many ways young people can have fun with friends whilst staying active, such as going to local trampoline parks. Young people can see that activity can be fun with friends and breaks stereotypes of physical activity being a chore. Combining social and activity together allows young people to build social relationships without the need to sit in front of a computer screen.

Holiday Clubs

Half term holidays are a great opportunity to organise residential trips that promote being physical activity. During trips such as PGL residential young people can experience 5 days of challenging sports and activities in a physically active environment. Some activities young people can take part in are: Kayaking, Archery and Raft Building. Young people can return from half term feeling refreshed and excited to learn, this can also be a great opportunity to introduce creative writing activities.

The NCS program, which is aimed at 15-17 year olds, lasts for 3 weeks and is set up by the government. The program only costs £50 or even less depending on your local programme. The scheme is packed full of adventure and discovery where young people can get active, learn new skills and try something new. Already 275,000 young people have taken part.

How does your school encourage students to keep active outside of school?

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