International Walk to School Month

This October its International Walk to School Month, a great opportunity to get moving and contribute to the magic 60 minutes a day. An active commute is a fantastic way to start the day and benefits children in many ways.

Why is Walking so Good for Children?

  • Academic performance – A child who walks to school is more likely to arrive to lessons prepared and more alert which means improved concentration throughout the day.
  • Independence – The responsibility of walking to school helps children to become aware of their surroundings, think responsibly and make conscious decisions.
  • Physical Health –Walking helps to develop cardiac and respirate capacity as well as keeping weight controlled and building muscle strength all contributing towards the 60 minutes a day all contributing toward the 60 minutes a day.

Walking Bus

Walking Buses are a fun and simple way of introducing activity into the school commute. Parents can organise a walking route with meeting points and times. Adults can be great role models by alternating each day as the group leader and get moving too. To help improve safety it is a great idea to equip children with high visibility jackets, and a walking rope is also advisable for pupils in KS1.