Festive Fun Activity Pack 2

Active Advent

Welcome to Festive Fun section where you can learn how to stay active this advent. These are some great activities to do this Christmas time. We hope you enjoy them all and let us know how your class found them. 

< class="c-heading__text"> Santa vs Elves

Santa Shootout! Line up and take turns to try score a goal against Santa, can your team get the most goals?

< class="c-heading__text"> Catch The Sprouts

Work together to get as many of the sprouts into Santa's sack! The team who catches the most sprouts wins!

< class="c-heading__text"> Pass The Pudding

Pass the pudding! Try to pass the pudding to your partner without your opponent intercepting the ball. If you throw the ball and your opponent catches it, swap places with them.

Jingle Bells

We're nearly at Christmas and so its party time!!! Get your bells ready and sing along with us!

Putt Up The Tree

Its time to putt up the tree! How many baubles can you chip onto the tree? The person with the most baubles wins!

Hip Hop Christmas by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license