Are You Ready? Walk to School Tips and Ideas

Why not take part and join thousands of children across the country by walking to school? An active commute is a great way to start the day, children arrive to school refreshed and ready to learn.

The average time to walk to school for primary school children is only 13 minutes! It could be as simple as setting an alarm 15 minutes early and trying an active commute. Simple games can keep everyone entertained - how many birds can you see on the way?

Tips and Ideas

Plan your route – Before Walk to School week, make sure you have your route planned out. Check that there is suitable walk ways and crossings.

Make sure you have enough time – Why not practice the walk on the weekend, time yourself and see how long it takes. Make sure you leave yourself enough time so you’re not late to school!

Suitable shoes – Make sure you have comfortable shoes when walking to school. Why not wear trainers and swap to your school shoes when you get to school.

Walking games – Games are great way to make the commute more fun. Eye spy anyone?

Don’t forget your rain coat – Weather can be unpredictable, make sure you always have a waterproof rain coat with you!

Walking Buses – Parents can organise a walking route with meeting points and times. Adults can be great role models by alternating each day as the group leader and get moving too. To improve safety, it is a great idea to equip children with high visibility jackets, and a walking rope is also advisable for pupils in KS1.

Count your steps – Use a Pedometer and track your steps. How many steps does it take you to get to school? How many steps can you do the whole week?

Walk to School Rewards

Introducing Reward Charts can help motivate young people. Each day they walk to school they can receive a sticker and once the chart is complete, they will be rewarded.

Why not switch it up and scoot or ride a bike to school?

Stay Active Throughout the Day

Short bursts of physical activity help to refocus distracted minds. That’s why an active commute can get children moving and start the day focused, energized and ready to learn.

If you’re looking to increase activity in the school day, why not try the Davies Sports 60 Second Personal challenge