Introducing Zoft Touch...

Zoft ball range is a great way to introduce sports to younger children. The soft outer coating allows for an easier grip when throwing and catching and is soft enough to not hurt or sting when in contact. The ball range allows teachers to introduce young or new players to sports, allowing children to build up their confidence and improve ball control, before moving up to match balls. Often in Dodgeball, some pupils don’t want to take part, as they don’t want to be stung by the ball, however, the Zoftskin Dodgeball reducing the sting with its coating!

Introducing the Zoft Touch range

The Zoft Touch ball range has a soft latex outer coating, giving them non-sting qualities too. The coating helps introduce young players to the game, helping them build confidence and ball control before moving on to match balls. The Football and Basketball also have a dimpled texture, allowing for more grip, great for learning the basics of the sports. 

Zoft Skin Range