10 Fun Noodle Games and Activities

With all the fun PE equipment in the cupboard, you might think that noodles are just for the swimming pool. However, with a little imagination and creative thinking the possibilities are endless! To help get you started, we’ve put together our top 10 Noodle games:


For this activity, you will need 1 Noodle. Select 2 people to hold the noodle horizontal and the rest of the group queue up in a line. When holding the noodle, start off by holding It high and allow everyone to limbo through. If you don’t complete the limbo, your out and must move out of the playing area. If you complete the limbo, follow round and go to the back of the queue. Once the whole group has gone through, make the limbo harder by lowering the noodle slightly. The game finishes when there is only one player left.

2. Noughts and crosses

An active twist on noughts and crosses! Create your own giant noughts and crosses by using 9 noodles, lay them out to make a 3 x 3 grid. For this game you will need two players, each player will have 5 hula hoops each (use different coloured hoops for each player). Begin to play noughts and crosses, but make sure you throw the hoop into the space to practice your accuracy.

3.Noodle Balance

Work in pairs to get the ball to and from each other only using 2 Noodle to balance the ball. Tilt the noodles to move the ball but be careful not to drop the ball! Why not add a competition? First team to make 20 successful passes wins!

4.Balloon Tennis

For this activity, you will need a balloon and 2 half noodles. Use the noodle as a tennis racquet and the balloon as the ball. Work in pairs to see who can keep the balloon in the air the longest without touching the floor, or who can make the most rallies.

5.Noodle Balance

For the fifth activity, practice balancing a noodle on the palm of your hand. This activity helps improve concentration and key motor skills such as balancing. Can you walk and balance the noodle at the same time? Why not try introducing a personal challenge? Who can balance the noodle the longest? See if you can beat your score!

6.Noodle Swap

Practise co-ordination with this activity, work in groups of four and start by passing around 1 noodle at first. Once the group have got the hand of it, add another noodle. Repeat until there are 4 noodles for 4 people. How many passes can you make without dropping a noodle?

7.Balance beam

Simply lay down a noodle on the floor and using your balance, walk along the noodle like a balance beam. This activity helps to improve balance and core strength. It can also improve leg muscles and strengthen your ankles.

8.Ring toss

A fairground favourite! Using Noodles, hoops and cones, create your own ring toss! Lay out the noodles in a triangle shape and take turns to throw the hoops over the noodles. The player who can get the most points out of 5 wins! Why not make it more difficult and layout the noodles in different formations? or number them for different points.

9.Pool Noodle Goal

Fancy a kick about but don’t have a goal? Make your own using a pool noodle, push a cone through each end of the noodle and wrap string around both sides, tie it tight so that the noodle stays in a semi-circle shape. Peg it into the grass and you’re good to go!

10.Noodle hockey

Using the goal from activity 9, you can play noodle hockey too! Using half a noodle and a foam ball you dribble and play hockey. Cut your noodle down into quarters and create poles to dribble around.

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Feeling inspired?

Take a look at our top 10 Hula Hoop activities too