Making the most out of National Fitness Day

National Fitness Day on 26th September is a great opportunity to encourage young people to get active. Whether they are learning the fundamental movements, enjoy the interaction of a team game or the personal challenge of a solo event, there is something for everyone.

Here are some activities that require minimal equipment. By combining them, they can be turned into a circuit, developing cardio, strength and agility.


Quick Jump

Jump from side to side as quick as you can for 60 seconds. Make sure you jump with your feet together and you cross the line with each jump.

Adaption: Try jumping forwards and backwards

Equipment: Throwdown Line

Jump Touch

Stand with two throwdown corner markers in front of you, so one is on your left and one is on your right. Jump up and reach to the sky, as you land on the floor crouch down low. Using your left arm touch the marker on your left. Repeat the activity with your right hand and continue to jump for 60 seconds alternating hands every jump.

Equipment: 2x Throwdown corner markers


Shuttle Run

Lay out the marker cones in a straight line, 1 metre apart from each other. Run to the first cone in front of you, reach down and touch it, then sprint back to the starting line. You will then continue to run to the next cone further along until the last cone in the line is touched, then swap with your partner.

Adaptation: Try running in and out of the cones, when you get to

the end you must sprint as fast as you can to the starting line.

Don’t forget to count how many laps you can do.

Equipment: : 4-6 cones


Skipping is a great way to have fun whilst getting active. Skip for 60 seconds, there are many different variations e.g. Single step, two foot, criss cross and backwards.

Equipment: Skipping rope


Bounce Catch

Bounce the tennis ball then catch it, count how many times the ball is caught in 60 seconds.

Variation: Try bouncing and catching with one hand, or even bouncing with one and catching with the other.

Equipment: Tennis ball

Clap & Catch

Throw the tennis ball into the air. Before catching the ball try to clap once. On the next throw try to clap twice. Continue to add another clap into each throw.

Equipment: Tennis ball

Catch Out

2 players wear bibs, 2 players are without bibs. Each team must try to keep possession of the ball, but can only hold the ball for a maximum of 5 seconds at a time. The team holding the ball at the end of the 60 seconds are the winners.

Equipment: Tennis ball


Tag Chase

Players tuck bibs into their shorts. One person will be the tagger and they will chase the other players to collect their bib. The tagger will win once they have collected all of the bibs.

Equipment: Bibs