Sports Day: New Ideas for this Summer

Sports Day season is on the horizon, are you ready? Set, Go! There are many classic Sports Day games including egg and spoon race, sack race and hopper race. Why not engage your pupils with some new and different ideas?

Water Balloon Toss

Split into teams of two and start by standing a foot apart. Each team will need 10 water balloons each. Using the water balloons, throw them back and forth and see how many throws you can do without bursting the water balloon. Each time you catch the water balloon both players must take a step back. The game finishes when all the water balloons have burst. The team that wins is the team with the biggest distance between them both at the end.

Car Wash Relay

In groups of 4, the children must transport water from one bucket to another, only using sponge balls. Set out a start and finish line 10m apart, with a bucket on the start and finish line for each team. In the finish line bucket, mark a fill line at the same depth for all the teams. The players must take turns to soak the sponge balls, run to the finish line and squeeze the water out to fill the bucket. The team who fills the bucket first wins!

Hula Hoop Rock Paper Scissors

Lay out 20 hula hoops in a straight line. Split the children into 2 teams and have them standing on each end of the line. When the teacher says Go! one child from each team must jump through the hoops landing with two feet. When the children meet in the middle, they challenge their opponent to ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ and whoever wins continues to jump through the hoops and the other player then returns back to their team. As the winner continues to jump through the hoops, the next player from the opposing team jumps and meets them in the middle and play rock, paper, scissors. This continues until a player reaches the end of the line of hoops and gains a point for their team. The team with the most points at the end wins!

Team Walker Race

A great team building activity! Using the Team Walker Set, work in teams of 3. The players must communicate and work together using the walker set to cross the finish line in the quickest time.

Hula Hoop Marathon

Each child has their own hula hoop, and when the whistle goes, the children must start hula hooping for as long as they can. The teacher times the score and the child who can hula hoop the longest wins!