Tri Golf with Dave Cullen

Dave Cullen, the Derbyshire Golf Junior Academy Coach, talks about how Tri Golf can encourage young people to get active and try something new. Tri Golf is a great way to teach children many skills such as teamwork, perseverance, honesty and respect. Children learn to add up their scores and play in different game formats. Tri Golf offers ‘Skills for life’ which children can take with them through to adulthood.

Dave Cullen showed the Year 2’s and Year 6’s at Worth Primary school how to use the Tri Golf Irons to hit the ball and aim for a target. Children learnt how to stand and position themselves in order to hit the Golf Balls correctly to the target.

To set up the drill, simply lay out a line of 5 cones in stacks of 8. The players must take turns in their team to hit the golf ball and start by standing in line with the stack of cones closest to the target. Once the player has hit the ball into the target, they must pick up a cone and the next player has their turn. Each cone a player collects counts as 1 point and the player with the most points at the end wins. Once the cones from the first stack have gone, the team must move to the next cone along. The first team to complete the course and collect all the cones wins!

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