Challenge #1 - Hopping

Challenge #1 – Hopping


Are you ready for the Davies Sports Personal Challenge? Challenge #1 is Hopping. Simply hop by jumping on one leg, and landing on the same foot. Make sure to swap legs after 30 seconds and try to keep your balance. Don’t forget to count how many hops you can do in 60 seconds!


What are the benefits?

  • Develop

Practicing exercises such as hopping on the spot can help to develop muscular strength, motor planning and balance, all of which are necessary building blocks to develop gross motor skills. Getting this right will contribute towards other important skills such as skipping, kicking a ball and some dance activities. 

  • Refocus

Short bursts of physical activity help to refocus distracted minds. The challenge gets the whole class moving together for 60 seconds and then return to the lesson focused and re-energized ready to learn.  


Is hopping too easy? If your looking to increase the challenge why not try a different variation:

  • Hopping forwards and backwards
  • Hopping side to side
  • 3 hops on your right leg, 3 on your left leg
  • Turn in the air making a quarter/half, or full turn

What is the 60 Second Challenge?

Being physically active every day is essential for a child’s growth and development. The aim of the Personal Challenge is to get children moving by challenging them to complete an exercise in 60 seconds. Although, it might be difficult to fit activity in around the school day, these simple ideas can give children that extra boost of activity and get everyone moving together.


These challenges only take 60 seconds to complete and require little-to-no equipment and contribute to improving overall fitness. Simply stand up from the desk and get moving. Set the challenge at the beginning of the week and repeat each day. Get the children to note down how many hops they can do. Try to motivate the children to beat their score the next day. At the end of the week everyone can review their scores to see how they have done. Have they improved? We have created a Personal Tracker to make this simple, don’t forget to download yours here.


Make sure to keep up with our latest personal challenge, follow us on Twitter @DaviesSportsUK to find the latest challenge every Monday. Tweet us using the hashtag #DSPersonalChallenge and let us know how you get on.


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