Challenge 7 - Lunges

Challenge #7 - Lunges

Are you ready for the Davies Sports Personal Challenge? Challenge #7 is Lunges. All you need to do is step forward with one leg and bend your knee. Make sure you keep your core muscles tight your back straight. Gradually lower your back whilst driving your knee towards the floor. Make sure you keep your balance, return to the standing position to swap legs and repeat. Don’t forget to count how many you can do!

What are the benefits?

  • Develop

Practicing exercises such as lunges works both sides of the body individually which helps to improve overall balance. The up and down motion of lunges engages and improves core stability, as well as strengthening leg muscles.

Are lunges too easy? If you're looking to increase the challenge why not try a different variation:

  • Lunge whilst putting your hands above your head
  • Get moving with walking lunges. Make sure there is plenty of space and don’t rush