The Rules of Tag Rugby

Tag Rugby is a non-tackle minimal contact version of Rugby. The game is played in two teams, usually 5-7 players per team.

The aim of the game is to ground the ball over your opponent’s try line, to score a try. The team with the most tries at the end of the game wins. The recommended ball size for under 14’s is Size 4. Each player must also wear a tag rugby belt with 2 tags.

The team who has been chosen to play first, has the choice of choosing the direction they wish to play, and the opposing team will use a kicking tee to start the game from the centre of the pitch.

The attacking team has 6 plays to try get the ball over the try line. After these 6 plays, the attacking team changes to the defending team for another 6 plays.

When an attacker is holding the ball, they can be tagged by an opposing player. When a player has been tagged, the attacker is only allowed to take a maximum of 3 strides and must pass the ball to another player on their team.

The ball must be passed within 3 seconds of being tagged, if this takes longer or takes more than 3 strides, the referee must award a free pass to the opposing team.

After the ball has been passed after being tagged, the player must return to the tagger and retrieve their tag and replace it back on to their tag belt. The swapping of the teams continues until the game finishes, the team with the most trys scored, wins.