Where can I go on the Netball Court?

There are 7 court positions in Netball. Each Netball player has different roles, which all work together as a team. Each player is only allowed to play in specific parts of the court. Here are the Netball court positions for each player:

Goal Keeper (GK)

The Goal Keeper is the last line of defence on the netball court, they defend against the Goal Shooter and Goal Attack to prevent them from scoring a goal. The Goal Keeper is only allowed on the defence third of the court.

­Goal Defence (GD)

The Goal Defence can play in the defensive and centre third of the court. Their role is to stop the opposing players (Goal Shooter and Goal Attack) from scoring and get the ball away from defensive play to attacking play. The netball player must be good at intercepting and blocking the ball.

Wing Defence (WD)

The Wing Defence can play in the defensive and centre thirds of the netball court. However, they cannot play in the goal circle. Their main role is to defend the opposing team and stop the ball reaching the goal circle. They also have to mark the Wing Attack, so the player must be focused, defend well and intercept the ball.

Centre ( C )

The Centre player is able to move around the whole of the netball court, excluding both goal circles on the court. The main role of the Centre player is to defend, attack and mark the opposing centre player. Another part of the Centre’s role is to help the team by changing play from defensive to attacking, to try create as many goalscoring opportunities by getting the ball up the court towards the net. Each time a goal is scored, the play goes back to the middle of the court and the centre player will restart the game by making the first pass.

Wing Attack (WA)

The Wing Attack can play in the centre and attacking third of the court, however, they cannot go in the attacking goal circle. Their role is to create as many goalscoring opportunities as possible by trying to get the ball down the court towards the goal circle, and pass to a Goal Shooter or Goal Defence to score.

Goal Attack (GA)
The Goal Attack can play in the centre and attacking third, however, they cannot go in the defending third. The players primary role is to create goal-scoring opportunities for the goal shooter by feeding the ball and working with them to create space to score against the opposing team. The goal attack must have great passing and shooting skills in order to do this.

Goal Shooter (GS)

The Goal Shooter is only allowed to play in the attacking third of the court. The player's main job is to score goals for the team. They must have great accuracy, quick reactions and open up space to create goal-scoring opportunities.

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