Challenge 6 - Slow Catch

Challenge #6 – Slow Catch

Are you ready for the next Davies Sports Personal Challenge? Challenge #6 is SlowCatch. For this challenge you will need a scarf or tissue each. Simply, throw the scarf into the air and make sure you keep your eye on it. When the scarf falls back down, open your hands and swoop underneath it ready to catch.

What are the benefits?

  • Develop

Practicing exercises such as slow catch can help to increase hand eye co-ordination and improves reactions. These are both skills children can take forward with them in their future active lifestyle. Skills such as hand eye co-ordination are key in sports such as cricket and rounders.

  • Refocus

Short bursts of physical activity help to refocus distracted minds. The challenge gets the whole class moving together for 60 seconds and then return to the lesson focused and re-energized ready to learn. 

Is Slow catch too easy? If your looking to increase the challenge why not try a different variation:

  • Try juggling two or three scarves at once?
  • Why not try using balloons?