Convert your school playing field into a cricket pitch

So, you want to start playing cricket at your school? Increase the number of cricket pitches to cater for growing interest in the game? but you haven’t got the time, budget or space to curate a dedicated turf wicket? …. The 2G Flicx Pitch can solve your facility issues ready for the summer term.

The 2G Flicx Pitch is a roll out, roll up, portable cricket pitch that can be used on a range of under surfaces. There is a simple 5 stage process to follow to convert what could be a rugby or football field in the winter, to a cricket field in the summer …

  1. IDENTIFY | Select a firm, flat area 22 x 2m on your grass field where you lay your 2G Flicx Pitch.
  2. PREPARE | Cut the grass short in this area. Grass should be cut to 10-15mm with shorter grass giving you optimum performance. Fill all diverts with a similar compactable soil to the base surface and level off any high spots. Rolling is recommended for optimum performance before each use.
  3. PLACE | Position your two strapped pitch rolls in the middle of the strip. The 2G Flicx Match Pitch is rolled from the middle to the two opposite creases so place both rolls parallel to each other with the ends facing each other and remove the straps.
  4. ROLL OUT | Make fine adjustments to align the connectors. This should be done when the two sections are still rolled up. Once all the connectors are correctly positioned, clip the two batting ends together. Roll the two batting ends out from the middle to the creases.
  5. WAIT | Your 2G Flicx Pitch needs time to settle. We advise rolling out your 2G Flicx Pitch 30-45 minutes prior to each use.

With the 2G Flicx Safety Trolley moving the pitch is easy and can be done by one person (two would make lighter work) but all this means you can quickly and very cost effectively get a cricket match or training session on. Following the above steps, the 2G Flicx Pitch will produce an excellent bounce and the ball will come onto the bat and be a consistent surface resulting in improved standards. Pupils are generally very excited by the bright colours and coaching designs and it is also possible for schools to add their corporate logo. In addition to grass, other popular applications include …

  • Converting a synthetic pitch into a cricket pitch
  • To upgrade an old or underperforming NTP
  • Indoor Cricket in sports halls or rolled out on wooden spring floors
  • On concrete or asphalt playgrounds and more

All 2G Flicx Pitches are UK made and are highly durable. View the full range online.