5 Battle Ropes exercises - To build Strength and Stamina

Using Battles Ropes in your workout can be a great way to keep fit. Here are our top 5 Battle Ropes exercises. For all these exercises make sure your starting with your legs bent into a slight squat, your back is straight and you’re not pulling the ropes too tight:

1. Alternating Waves

Simply grab the end of the rope in the palm of each hand. Raise one arm lifting the rope upwards and quickly lower it back down, raising the opposite arm to shoulder level at the same time. Continue alternating each arm as fast as you can to create waves in the rope.

2. Double Slam

Start with your feet shoulder width apart and hold the ropes in each hand. Raise both arms above your shoulders at the same time and then slam the ropes down into the ground. As you do this lower into a squat and stand up and repeat.

3. Around the Clock

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Hold the rope with your palms facing down and raise your arms and rotate them anti-clockwise forming a circle motion. Why not try doing clockwise for 30 seconds and anti-clockwise for 30 seconds.

4. Horizontal Waves

Simply grab the end of the rope in the palm of each hand. Holding the rope bring both arms together in front of your stomach and extend them out sharply to the side and then bring them back to the middle. Continue to move your arms out and then together for 30 seconds.

5. Lateral Shuffle

Begin this exercise by starting with Alternating Waves. Whilst alternating your arms, take 4 steps to your left and then squat. Stand up and move 4 steps to the other side and squat again and continue to repeat for 60 seconds.

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