Indoor Workouts for Remote Employees

Indoor Workouts for Remote Employees

Prior to this global health crisis, work-from-home (WFH) setups were steadily becoming popular — and today, it’s the norm. Case in point, 82% of UK businesses are planning to permanently stick to WFH arrangements even after lockdown. However, while WFH is a godsend for many, it does have some cons.


One drawback to this setup is the tendency to zone in on work, leaving you with very little time to get those all-important workouts. Don't let that happen! In his 30 tips for professionals working from home, lifestyle writer James Gonzales emphasizes how regular physical activity is crucial to good health, which means you ought to set aside time for it every week. Whether it’s early-morning yoga or a late-afternoon circuit, you’ll need to get yourself moving, so you can remain fit and healthy even while sheltering in place. With that in mind, we’ve compiled below 4 fun, indoor workouts that you can try. Take a look:


Bodyweight Circuits

Bodyweight circuits are great, as all you’ll need are: some space, an iron will (it can be challenging), and your body. Bodyweight circuits recommended by London-based PT David Birtwistle will have you performing as many repetitions as possible in 40 seconds, resting for 20 seconds, then moving on to the next exercise. Here’s one circuit to try: Start with press-ups (push-ups), followed by squat jumps, lateral bounds, Spiderman press-ups, burpees, and knee-tuck jumps. One set will get your heart racing and your blood flowing. Try three! But if that's too much of a challenge, aim to get 20 seconds of work in, with 10–20 seconds rest in-between.


Medicine Ball Circuit

This next circuit is sure to get your heart rate up, help enhance your strength, and give your body a full-body workout. But first, you'll need a medicine ball, like the Fitness Mad PVC Medicine Ball — 1 KG that's perfect for beginners, or that 5 KG one to give yourself a challenge. With a medicine ball in hand, you can do the following in succession: lying chest pass tosses, med ball gorilla walk, Superman ball slam, and kneeling ball toss. Perform 8–12 repetitions of each exercise, with 10–20 seconds rest in-between.

Indoor Workouts for Remote Employees Dumbbell
Indoor Workouts for Remote Employees Squat

Pilates Basics

With all that working from home, Vogue posits that the back pain club is now oversubscribed due to less-than-ideal WFH stations. An easy fix to that is to strengthen your core, which will also improve your balance, posture, and flexibility. Pilates can help in that regard, as it can strengthen and stabilize the muscles around your back. You can start by performing these exercises: the 100, scissors, and the roll-up one after the other — aiming to do 5–10 reps on as little rest as possible.


Jump Ropes

Jumping rope is great cardio, with Very Well Fit noting how you can burn some 220 calories in only 20 minutes. You’ll need a bit of space here, too, as well as a smooth-turning, easy-grip jump rope — like our range of Studio Pro Speed Rope fitness accessories. It’s best to take it easy first and learn how spin the rope using your wrists. In time, you’ll be able to perform jump rope variations, like jumping on one foot, crossing the feet, and high knee jumping. You can even string them into a circuit for a greater challenge!



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