Netball Drill: Court Agility

Here is a quick and easy Netball drill to get the whole class moving. This drill can also be used simply as a warm up. Warm ups are important when taking part any sport, they are are low-level intensity activities which help prepare the body for exercise and helps to prevent injuries. These exercises help oxygen and nutrients get to your muscles which prepares them for activity.

To complete this activity you will need:

  • A netball court
  • Marker cones

Simply set out the court as shown above and follow the steps as you travel around the court. Begin at the starting line, jog and follow the cones. The first section of the court is all about improving your change in direction and footwork. When you reach the cone, using footwork skills, change direction as quickly as you can and continue.

Once completed, jog to the next part of the court. When you reach the top left hand side of the court, run in and out of the cones. At the semi-circle, move from one side to the other following the curve, using side steps. This helps players stay light on their feet and gets the leg muscles moving. Keep travelling around the court and the course is complete when you meet the finishing line.

Why not try making this activity a relay? Put players into teams and see which team can finish the drill in the quickest time. Looking for more inspiration? You can find more of our Netball Drills in our Intro to Netball guide.