Pitch and field with BaseballSoftballUK

Pitch and field with BaseballSoftballUK

Linni, coach from BaseballSoftballUK, talks about how Softball and Baseball can encourage people to get active and try something new. Softball is a great way to teach young people different skills such as, strength, muscle development, hand eye coordination skills and team work. Whilst also improving self-esteem, mental health and social skills.

Linni coaches’ teams in the North West of England, coaching adults and juniors’ teams in Softball and Baseball. With just under 25,000 players, Softball is a growing sport in the UK.

If you’re interested in starting to play softball, you can find your local team through BaseballSoftballUK.

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Ready to start playing?

Endorsed by BaseballSoftballUK as part of their Hit the Pitch programme. This pack contains everything you need to play the game. The pack includes specially selected products that are ideal for beginners

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Stay Active Throughout the Day

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