Kidzcanplay™ Reception Kit KIT

Kidzcanplay™ Reception Kit KIT
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Kidzcanplay innovative programme contains everything you'll need to deliver and engage early years children in physical activity and play. This concept is fully inclusive irrespective of a child's ability or disability.

Each games is based on stories and topics covered in the EYFS, such as 'all about me' and 'a visit to the dentist'. The structured format supports practitioners in observation and records learning journeys. Children will learn to develop new skills such as throwing and catching and balancing and batting, which will help them prepare for Key Stage One physical activity. An accompanying manual and DVD contains lots of ideas and tips to help practitioners develop their own skills in delivering the curriculum for Physical Development.

This set comprises all the equipment needed to support the Kidzcanplay™ Resource Pack:

2 Peek-a-Boo Tunnels

2 Skittle Sets.

12 Davies Scoops,.

2 Multi-Purpose Flexible Marker Sets.

8 First Skills Bats.

2 Hedgehog packs of Stones.

1 Rainbow Chute 3.5m.

1 Curved Sensory Balance set.

3 Balloon Balls.

12 45cm Hoops.

12 Mitre Impel Midi Size 2.

6 Obstacle Gates.

10 Throw Down Feet.

24 Throw Down Spots.

36 beanbags.

48 Rainbow Foam Balls,

24 Juggling Scarves,.

4 Tippin' Targets.

32 Cones.

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GBP539.99 inc VAT
In stock

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