Pick & Play - Spark

Pick & Play - Spark
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Product Description

Perfect for Key Stage 2, the Pick and Play Spark kit keeps playtime fun while offering new challenges and skills to develop.Pack contains:

3 x Gilbert Prima Netballs

12 x Spots and Stripes Balls

18 x Beanbags

12 x Scoop Sets

24 x Coloured Tennis Balls

12 x Throw Down Spots

2 x Jumping Balls

24 x Throw Down Lines and Corners

8 x Plastic Tennis Racquets

12 x Skipping Ropes

12 x Dimple Soccer Balls

12 x Katcha Kups

48 x Cones

12 x Playground Balls

12 x Retro Basketballs

• Age suitability: 3 years +

GBP349.99 ex VAT
In stock

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