Portable Public Address Amplifier - CD/USB/SD EA

Portable Public Address Amplifier - CD/USB/SD EA
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Product Description


• CD drive can play CD-R's, CD-RW's and MP3s.

• USB and SD card slots.

• Internal rechargeable batteries.

• Variable Speed CD, USB and SD Card to speed up and slow down playback. You can even adjust the speed of MP3 files.

• Line input on 3.5mm mini jack socket. This can amplify any external device with a headphone output easily.

• DC input can be used for charging the internal batteries or running the unit from mains power.

• 1 microphone sockets (Jack/XLR Mic inputs).

• Bass and treble controls to fine tune the tone of the output.

• Impressive volume and clarity for its size.

• Connect and amplify your tablet, smartphone and laptop.

• Rugged corner protection protects from damage when transporting.

• Integral trolley makes getting around effortless.

• Extendable handle with three positions.

• Mix simultaneously CD & MP3 player & microphone sources.

• Auto Limiter prevents overload damage to power amplifier. It will automatically reset.

• Stereo Amplifier to give stereo sound through an extension loudspeaker.

• Sound power: amplify your voice in a quiet setup for up to 150 people or amplify music in a noisy environment for up to 70 people. You can boost up its power by adding the 430 speakers. You will be able to reach 300 people in a low noise setup or 100 people in a relatively noisy environment.

You can use the 45773 Portable Public Address Amplifier to:

• Play and amplify MP3 players, phone, IPods.

• Have many hours use from its internal battery power.

• Take it around and use on a 35mm tripod stand so that it can be used in any location.

• Connect to an optional additional speaker or two which will double the output of power for even more clarity.

• Play from a USB memory stick or SD card.

• Slow down or speed up the audio.

• Set up and be playing in seconds in the gym, aerobics classes, dance classes, schools and other events even on the sports field.

This compact truly portable rugged Portable Public Address Amplifier is so versatile and perfect for every application. It is easy to use and will give you impressive results. It will fill most studios or halls with sound on its own, but it can also be connected to one or two of our 430 speakers to double the power and distribute the sound. The clarity of the voice and bass response has impressed many critics of audio equipment. It does enhance the performance and the users credibility by using a professional quality british made audio equipment.

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 18 kg

Dims:440(h) x 400(w) x 340(d) - (max:1120(h) x 460(w) )

Power Output: 50w Rms (+50w)

£848.99 ex VAT

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