Kidzcanplay™ Reception Kit & Resource Pack

Kidzcanplay™ Reception Kit & Resource Pack
£549.98 ex VAT

Product Description

The set comprises if all the equiptment needed to support the Kidzcan playResource Pack. Contents include: 2 Peek-a-Boo Tunnels, 2 Skittle Sets, 12 Davies Scoops, 2Multi-Purpose Flexiable Marker Sets, 8 First Skills Bats, 12 Hedgehog Stones, 1 Rainbow Chute 3.5m, 1 Curved Sensory Balance Set, 3 Balloon Balls, 12 45cm Hoops, 12 Mitre Impel Midi Sixe 2, 6 Obstacle Gates, 10 Throw Down Spots, 36 Bean Bags, 48 Rainbow Foam Balls, 24 Juggling Scarves, 4 Yippin Targets and 32 Cones. Contents may vary.

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