Start-a-Sport - Throwing and Catching Pack

Start-a-Sport - Throwing and Catching Pack
£99.99 ex VAT

Product Description

Contains enough equipment for an entire class. Ideal for use at playtimes or for use during PE lessons. This is an excellent first throwing and catching kit. It allows younger children to develop basic motor skills and become more accomplished in physical education activities. This kit contains items that can be used to progressively build children’s confidence with throwing and catching. Contains 2 hydrocatch, 2 pairs of monster mitts, 24 rubber bouncers, 12 gamester balls, 12 teamster balls, 12 beanbags, 20 rubber quoits, 6 easy catch hedgehog balls, 4 size 5 team balls and 4 junior team balls all in team colours, complete with a storage sack.

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