Action Kids 162 Parachute Games Book

Action Kids 162 Parachute Games Book
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Product Description

This most comprehensive and user-friendly teaching manual describes 162 parachute games which can be used with groups of children up to the age of 7 years and beyond! There is also an accompanying CD containing 25 tracks of specially designed music.

The introductory section contains information on organisation; the importance of physical activity; the contribution of parachute games to physical development, valuable tips on inclusion, suitable equipment and safety considerations.

The activities are divided into six illustrated sections. The six sections are:-

• Section 1. Basic parachute moves and controlling the parachute

• Section 2. Using the imagination and storytelling

• Section 3. Action Songs and poems

• Section 4. Games

• Section 5. Using small equipment

• Section 6. Calm down

Also included are the Action Kids warm-up song and calm-down song with accompanying activities. Throughout the manual there are many examples of stories, action songs, role play, music etc. which involve children working together to use the parachute,e.g. go underneath it, on top of it, and use small equipment and toys with it.

At their heart, all parachute games are sensory. They involve touching the parachute silk, moving beneath it or over it, lying beneath the canopy, watching it rise and fall above them or even being lifted in it or wrapped up like a birthday present!!

For many children these will be new and exciting sensations, and working together can not only encourage co-operation, communication and social skills, but can create unforgettable experiences and a great deal of FUN!!

Suitable for childminders, nursery practitioners, primary school teachers, play leaders and adults taking in-school or out-of-school clubs.

GBP44.99 ex VAT

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