Action Kids 88 Music and Movement Teaching Manual

Action Kids 88 Music and Movement Teaching Manual
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Product Description

The Music and Movement set of 17 user-friendly cards are bright, colourful and highly illustrated. There are between 4 and 7 main activities on each card, all of which have extensions and an accompanying piece of music. There are 88 main activities and tracks and 104 extensions. There is 1 CD for every 3 cards making a total of 5 CDs in the set.

All activities are fully inclusive, and encourage the “move, play and learn” philosophy of Action Kids.

These activities allow children to develop in unique individual ways and at varying rates, and encourage important development in every area of learning. The bright, appealing cards and the fun activities stimulate language communication and physical activity. Children imagine and recreate stories and experiences, show an understanding of the elements and form of stories, and develop rhythm and co-ordination.

The themed cards are :-

• Marching

• Skipping

• Giants and Fairies

• Wriggling, Shaking and Wobbling

• Scarves / Ribbons / Streamers

• Stomping / Running / Flying

• Animals & Fish

• Water

• Move and Stop

• Words and Actions

• Dance, Beat & Shake (Percussion)

• Wind Rain & Sunshine

• Bouncing / Jumping / Bobbing up and down

• My Busy Week

• Quiet

GBP49.99 ex VAT

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