Action Kids Animals

Action Kids Animals
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Product Description

This magical “Animals” book contains songs about 17 different animals, birds and insects and is brought to life with beautiful, highly coloured, cleverly crafted illustrations. Every picture had been designed and constructed using different materials to produce a 3D effect and stimulate enjoyment, interest, curiosity and learning. It is accompanied by a CD containing 17 original tracks of music and songs and a DVD of movements to copy.

Describing what’s in the illustrations, asking questions, joining in with the songs, following a line of words with a finger, and eventually being able to read the words, provides innumerable opportunities for children to develop their language, communication skills and literacy whilst having enjoyable experiences.

The animal characters, the way they move, and the environments in which they live, enable some development of understanding of the world and in some of the songs children can count as they can sing. The songs are original and add creative licence to give the children a character to talk about and move in character to the music.

As children begin to recognise the different songs, learn a few words and sing, move and ask questions, they grow in self confidence and self esteem and develop their social skills.


• Bee Song

• Chicken Song

• Caterpillar Song

• Crocodile Song

• Cuckoo Song

• Frog Song

• Giraffe Song

• Hippo Song

• Ladybird Song

• Magpie Song

• Monkey Song

• Sheep Song

• Snake Song

• Spider Song

• Squirrel Song

• Snail Song

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