Primary Athletics Teaching Manuals KS1

Primary Athletics Teaching Manuals KS1
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Product Description

Aimed at developing children’s all-round physical fluency and athletic competence through activities and challenges based on the core actions of walking, running, jumping and throwing.

• User-friendly scheme for the whole school.

• Comprehensive scheme of work for Key Stage 1 (5-7 Years).

• Photocopiable (in the purchaser’s school only).

• Teaching guide including: planning, organisation and safety.

• Assessment sheets and guides to standards.

• 24 lesson plans (12 for Year 1, 12 for Year 2).

• Progressive and developmental.

• Planned Athletic events-team competition and records.

• Comprehensive section in card form on teaching specific skills through challenges.

• Exceeds National Curriculum requirements.

GBP74.99 ex VAT

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