Zsig Hitting Station Tennis Net & Posts 2m

Zsig Hitting Station Tennis Net & Posts 2m
£59.99 ex VAT

Product Description

The Zsignet Early Years Mini Tennis Net System with Hitting Station is a unique, compact and portable system for Early Years & Inclusive teaching, which enables coaches to teach first striking skills without the need for either coach or player to toss the ball. The helicopter cradles can accommodate standard and oversized balls - such as our SLOcoach Big Red - as well as sponge balls. In a coaching setup, you could have a pair hitting over the net, and two learners using the helicopters at either end of the net practising hitting all at the same time.

• Includes carry bag.

• Height adjustable for beginners but and wheelchair players.

• Length: 2m.

• Adult assembly required.

• Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. Risk of strangulation. Use under adult supervision.

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