Eveque Infant Agility Full Kit, 16 Mat Set

Eveque Infant Agility Full Kit, 16 Mat Set
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Product Description

The 16 mat kit enables class participation in the Infant Agility programme. The kit allows infants to take part in many different core skills activities.

Kit contains:

4 x Red Infant Mats

4 x Yellow Infant Mats

4 x Green Infant Mats

4 x Blue Infant Mats

4 x Red Infant Wedges

4 x Yellow Infant Wedges

4 x Green Infant Wedges

4 x Blue Infant Wedges

16 x Connectors

16 x Pyramid Cotton Beanbags

24 x Flexible Marker Discs

4 x 4 Mat Storage Box's with Lids

8 x Mini Bull Nosed Javelins

8 x Large Skittles

8 x Small Skittles

8 x Size 3 Footballs

8 x Tennis Balls

1 x Stopwatches

1 x Squeezy Whistle

1 x Resource Pack

5 x Storage Bags

4 x Skipper Hoops

GBP799.99 ex VAT

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