Eveque Sportshall Pentathlon EA

Eveque Sportshall Pentathlon EA
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Product Description

The Agility Challenge develops the skill sets of youngsters across many sports and activities. Participants can assess their fitness levels individually or as part of a team.

Kit contains:

1 x Speed Bounce Mat and Yellow Wedge

1 x Intermediate Metromat

1 x Balance Beam

1 x Balance Beam Mat

1 x Carrying Bag

2 x Stopwatches

3 x Whistles and Lanyards

1 x Sportshall Handbook

1 x Sportshall DVD

1 x Pacesetter Book

2 x Sportshall Wall Chart

1 x Activity Cards Set

1 x Ring Binder

1 x Certificates - Pack of 50

1 x Personal Score Card - Pack of 50

1 x Hi-Stepper including Bag

1 x Plastic 23cm blue cone

1 x Plastic 23cm green cone

1 x Plastic 23cm red cone

1 x Plastic 23cm yellow cone

1 x Target throw

£899.99 ex VAT

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