Jav Trainer Pro, 1525mm - 325g

Jav Trainer Pro, 1525mm - 325g
£24.99 ex VAT

Product Description

The Javelin consists of one length of tubing (no joints) and has a streamlined profile. The tube is made from glass reinforced plastic that has high strength properties that allows some flexibility to absorb energy on impact but returns to its straight line profile when at rest and during flight. The javelin has attractive contrasting colours with a high shine finish to the body.

The safety features make this a very attractive sports product for teachers who are naturally concerned about safety and would be required to carry out Risk Assessments for using real javelins.

Jav Trainer Pro’s design enables the development of real javelin throwing skills, whilst at the same time incorporating the safety feature of an energy absorbing nose section.

Length: 1525mm

Weight: 325g

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