Circular Soccer

Circular Soccer
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Product Description

Breathe new life into football and sports classes for players, coaches and teachers alike. A fun training accessory for both defensive and attacking movements. 1

The format for playing Circular Football, either as a game or training aid, is simple: attackers start from the kick-off cones and take on defenders to try and score in any 1 of the 3 sides of the TriGoal net. Usually the attacking team will play continuously in a 5 minute or 5 goal format and player numbers can be flexible, from 1v1, 2v1, 2v2… up to 5v5. Normal football rules apply except there are no side lines and players cannot step inside the no-go-zone, which is made by quickly laying out orange marker discs in a circle round the net.

• Re-invents the end-to-end drill of “attackers v defenders”

• Trialled and tested by FIFA for their Global Grassroots Programme

• Drills and videos by UEFA Coach, Jackie Evans ex. Manchester United Academy Coach and current International football scout/agent

• Dramatically enhances passing, defending and attacking skills

• Can be used inside or outside, in open or relatively confined spaces

• Easily assembled and stored in just 2 minutes

• Any age, any gender, any surface

The TriGoal includes:

• Patented pop-up 3-sided TriGoal (which pops up, zips and is ready to play in seconds) Each side measures 120x80cm.

• 3 steel grass pegs

• Multi-surface corner weights (used when playing indoors or on 3G/4G surfaces)

• Pack of silicone discs to mark out no-go zone

• 3 fold-up 'restart' cones (when attackers get tackled and switch to being defenders).

• Carry bag included.

• Warning: This is not a toy. Use under adult supervision.

GBP59.99 ex VAT

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