Tri-Golf Starter Kit

Tri-Golf Starter Kit
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Product Description

Tri-Golf is a FUN, energetic, version of golf which young children in primary schools can enjoy with their classmates as they hit the target with their first golf shots. Tri-Golf is genuinely inclusive as it suits all abilities; every child can succeed in the games and with the flexibility between individual play and team interaction, it engages well with youngsters who might not want to play a traditional team sport.Tri-Golf promotes ‘Skills for Life’ attributes including co-operation, good sportsmanship and concentration and is designed to be used across curriculum learning.

A smaller version of the Tri-Golf Complete Set. Perfect as a top up if you need to replace or refresh clubs or bag, or if you need to deliver coaching to a smaller group.

The kit contains:

• 4 Right Handed Irons

• 1 Left Handed Iron

• 3 Double Sided Putters

• 8 Golf Roots Marker Flags

• 1 Putt and Chip Set (hoops and flags)

• 1 Make a Hoop

• 50 Marker Cones

• 10 Super Safe Balls (5 Yellow, 5 Red)

• 10 Tees

• 20 Foot Tees

• 1 Wheely Bag

• 1 Tri-Golf Resource Card Pack.

• Use under adult supervision.

• Not suitable for children under 3 years.

GBP139.99 ex VAT

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