Indoor Climbing Frames

Indoor climbing frames are an important part of gymnastics, and at Davies Sports, you will find a range of gym frames that can be used during PE lessons.

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You will find indoor climbing frames that incorporate various ladders, gates, ropes and poles that are vibrantly coloured. Used for the development of gymnastic skills, balance and strength, the range of gym frames are durable, hardwearing and you will find some models are scratch-resistant. Suitable for Key Stage 1 and 2, the wide range of indoor climbing frames available includes designs that can be folded and stored away for schools with limited space and larger gym frames that children can explore during PE lessons. The selection of linking equipment and benches and beams can be easily attached for added fun. For more PE equipment, why not browse through our PE essentials which include bean bags and hula hoops. All the frames  will fold away, there is one that is free standing but the majority are attached to the wall. There are different heights and in some cases a choice of panel pattern.