From their first hold of the bat to that winning hit for six, we are here to help you be there for your cricket team. Whether your set up is for the casual players to the serious contenders, from schools to county clubs, we have the cricket equipment to help your team. We have a wide range of cricket training equipment which includes cricket balls, cricket bats, wickets, table cricket, cricket packs, Crazy Catch, Pitch Installation and everything you need to coach Cricket in a safe environment.

Inspiration & Advice

How to Choose the Right Cricket Bat

Finding the right-sized cricket bat is important to any player at any ability within Cricket. Have the wrong size, and you cannot play to your best ability.

How a Cricket Bat is Made

Ever wanted to know how a cricket bat is made? A visit to the Gunn & Moore factory in Nottingham explains how it all come together.

Crazy Catch: 5 Cricket Drills with Profielder

The Crazy Catch rebound nets are a great resource for learning cricket and setting up drills. Here are 5 great ones to improve player’s game

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